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DestineX DAO

DestineX DAO creates value for all participants in multiple ways, wherein the highest benefits are attained when the community chooses to cooperate and help each other.

DestineX DAO has its own dedicated whitepaper available here.

Below are four (4) general strategies or actions that each participant can choose from:

  1. Staking - a passive, long-term strategy
  2. Dealing - an active, short-term strategy
  3. NFT-Play - a medium-term strategy that is less active than Dealing. Only available to NFT holders
  4. Selling for profit

To learn more about our project, head over to the following pages:

Token Utility

Each utility is attached to its TOKEN derivative that makes each TOKEN derivative unique and valuable. (Learn more about token derivatives here)

Utilities are:

  1. Stake to earn more TOKEN
  2. Lock TOKEN & NFTs to unlock exclusive content
  3. Vote and participate in the DAO
  4. Buy and Sell in the marketplace
  5. Pay for services in our Cross-chain Swap
  6. Mint TOKEN using earned token derivatives
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