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For Our Community


"This Litepaper is in Version 1. Details may still change."

A Letter from our Founders

The NFT community is by far the most engaged and friendly community we have ever seen, which is why providing value to the community is at the center of everything we do at Metadhana. For that reason, our ecosystem is designed to involve the community in its growth and development. The Metadhana DAO was created to make our goal of having a community-generated metaverse a reality, a decentralized metaverse where its natives can build, engage, explore, and grow the metaverse while being rewarded for it. Backed by real value and revenue-generating assets, the DAO is the life force of the Metadhanaverse. Metadhana DAO is a metaverse financial infrastructure that will be the soul of the ecosystem, which will allow it to grow organically and sustainably. It will encompass many utilities, such as games, multimedia entertainment, AI, and more. The tech will be built to be interoperable, open-source, and flexible.


To build a continuously evolving metaverse through entertaining, sustainable, collaborative, and transformative utilities, enable creators from all walks of life, universal access to opportunities, and the democratization of cutting edge technologies


To create a sustainable community-generated metaverse


  1. We Provide Value
  2. We Are All Creators
  3. We Inspire
  4. We Educate
  5. We Help One Another